The Modern Warrior Emblem

The Modern Warrior Emblem can be broken into three portions.

  1. The Spade: It represents luck and chance.  Location and circumstances are usually not up to a warrior.
  2. The Compass: It represents the Warrior Path.  Any warrior can agree that direction is a key function of life.
  3. The Front Sight: It ties all modern warriors together as an image that each understands. Your forward sight is set to your mission as your sight picture is from your point of view.

For many, especially if you read my “Another Bad Day,” you will wonder about my take exactly on religion.  I am Christian, and like I discuss in “Modern Warrior Culture,” it can be a difficult task to describe.  Where I talk about mission in my book, for those that are religious, God gives you your mission.  So, the Spade in my emblem means chance to some, and an actual spade (hard work) to others.  To me, there is another meaning behind it or significance.  My old unit used it as their backdrop for our unit insignia long ago.  It pays homage to that as well to me.  Warriors build on what we know, which is why we grow and become stronger.

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