The Warrior’s Oath

The following Oath, as pictured above, is to be recited as a cadence.  This is an oath for Warriors to Warriors.  It is a pact of comradery. It signifies the sacrifice needed and the sacrifice given.

Evil always rages; Carried through the ages

It forces society’s hand; To produce a separate clan

A culture will emerge; To fight the evils surge

A single soul will stand; To carry societies demand

The burden to bear the blade; The right to be remade

Born of flesh and blood; Broken down in sand and mud

The oath to defend; Shall not ever end

By their blood they swear; No uniform they wear

Can change what has been made; A path that has been laid

But as they live and breathe; A Warrior they will be

To rage against the dark; To protect the weaker heart

For Fear and Hate both side: The blade of war divide

The crushing weight they take; By honor, make no mistake

If evil knocks at door; As one they shall war

The sword of justice rise; Avenge the broken cries

Forward, always forward; Their voices will be heard

Beneath the sun and moon; Cadence sets the tune

Warriors march for all; without them, society will fall

Today I pledge this oath; I will fight for us both

A Warrior I will be; Till Death sets me free

Stories by Crazyeyes

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